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Vintage 1940s Little Orphan Annie Childrens Tea Set Made in Japan

Little Orphan Annie tea set - 1940's

The other day I was out and about and found this complete vintage 1940′s Little Orphan Annie tea set, in the original box!

Little Orphan Annie tea set in original box

Marked ‘Licensed by Famous Artist Syndicate’ made in Japan this set although a little rough is complete. I was especially happy to see both the lids to the tea pot and sugar were there and in tact.

sugar, creamer and tea pot

This little set was certainly loved by it’s owner. There are plenty of signs of a lot of use yet all the pieces are still together in the original box. With the way the label is on the side of the box I’m not sure there was ever a lid. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could let me know. 

box label

The set is listed in my Found Around Etsy shop with detail on condition of each piece. Although not in perfect condition it is complete and a number of pieces are free from chips, cracks or breaks.

WePay – online payment option

I’ve set up a WePay account and now am able to accept online payments and donations. Good news for those preferring not to use PayPal and wanting to get away from dealing with the larger multi-national banking corporations.

With WePay you do have to have a US address and US bank account so unfortunately this is not an option for out of country purchases. When shopping in my Etsy shops if you prefer to pay via WePay select the check/money order payment option at checkout and in note to seller leave a message requesting billing via WePay and the email address you prefer to use. Simple as that.


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